I Had To Learn

The happiest day
Of my twenty-ish life,
I was sick and hungover
In a piss-smelling trailer
But alight with memories
Of the night before

The first night I’d ever
Been drunk off Scotch
— And the last —

She was a co-ed
I’d seen once before
Down in Florida,
Now we were on her home campus,
Friends driving,
And outdoor cafe —
But the cold didn’t bother us —

When we hit the back seat
Of her roommate’s car
We began to kiss
And did so all the way
Back to her dorm
Where we said goodnight

And my friend picked up
His car,
And we went back
To his trailer

The next day, I awoke,
And he had left
As I knew they all would
On a Drama Club trip
(And, yes, that’s an actual thing)

With my friend I’d drove up with
Still asleep
I walked out in the snow
That came down in the night
So happy, so happy,
Elated, elated,
Although as sick as a dog

But I had to learn
As we all must do,
That you never know when
The peak days are through

Until time and perspective
And bitter regret
Told me that it was done,
Which I didn’t know


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