Live In Wonder

We’re meant to live in wonder,
But hide, sometimes, in doubt:
The world is there for us to feel,
If not to figure out —

We face a new horizon
But briefly, through a frown,
Then miss the glories of the sky
Because we’re looking


I grew up in Florida, and for about five years in my twenties, I lived on the beach.

As it happened, living there coincided with the worst time of my life, healthwise. That apartment out on the beach lay empty for the many months, off and on, that I was in and out of the hospital.

When I did get out of the hospital, I was avoiding sunlight for health reasons, so sunbathing out by the Gulf of Mexico was not an option. I got all of my enjoyment of the beach by going out there at night. People who saw me would conclude from my general pallor that I never went outside, but I did — just not during the day.

If you’ve never been to the ocean at night you are really missing something. Many of the great wonders of the world are only visible at night — the stars, the northern or southern lights — but often people don’t think of nighttime as a time for natural beauty, spending more of it in human-centric (or urban) pursuits.

When I was nine years old, I asked for a small tent for Christmas, which I got. I promptly set it up in our backyard in Florida, taking a sleeping bag and my father’s binoculars out with me to look at the moon and the stars. I think my mother was worried we would be too cold (my brother was out there with his tent and sleeping bag, as well) but I remember being beyond excited.

And I was beyond excited. Just to look at a clear night sky.

One of the dangers of aging is losing wonder, to get so wrapped up in the worries of the day that we miss the glories around us. We are meant to live in wonder, I think. It is still as accessible as it ever was.

We just have to remember.

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8 Thoughts to “Live In Wonder

  1. I love swimming at night. The water feels softer, like blue velvet. And I love this post! Your words are good for all of us to remember.

  2. Just resting under a night sky has always been the one thing that grounds me when I feel like I am coming apart.

  3. The world at night can be beautiful. I’ve missed a lot of it because I have a fear of the dark. (Yes, even as an adult).

  4. Yes, remember to wonder and stop looking down all the time! There is a whole world out there for us to discover. It is funny how our circumstances draw us to being forced to do certain things just for us to find the beauty within the facets of what we have had to endure (in your case only being able to go out at night). Provided you are wrapped if it is cold (and hopefully the weather is pleasant with little winds), nighttime at the beach actually sounds far more desirable, cooking food, enjoying drinks and admiring the wonders that the night life has to offer. I agree daytime has it problems with mostly being too overcrowded with people, very hot depending on the season and eventually becoming run of the mill if you keep following the herd and are not taking the time to appreciate places at night too. Maybe I am more predisposed towards night, being a night owl when it comes to writing ๐Ÿ™‚

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