Sketches – 39

Dude, you look tired.

I am tired.
Really tired

I’m sure you are
You’ve been up since what, 2:00?

That sounds right

What’s on your mind?

Just work stuff…
You’re very beautiful, you know

Although — that was kind of random

I have to say these things
While I’m thinking them or..

… I’ll become ugly?
… You’ll actually get some sleep?
… I won’t cry during “This Is Us”?

None of those sound possible

Possible. Humph.
What exactly is ‘possibility’, anyway?

It’s a quasi-probabilistic concept
With an indefensible metaphysical basis

Surprisingly unhelpful, that sentence

Are you really surprised?

Not really, but I’ll be surprised if you are still around
If you don’t start getting some sleep

I slept well last week
Anyway, it’s not like you get a lot of sleep

I don’t have seizures when I don’t sleep, either
So what’s your plan?

I just need to relax is all.
Clear my mind

.. and if that doesn’t work …

Get out my “Tax Law for Insurance Companies” book
It used to work on the kids…

Wow, you are tired

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