So Much The Power

The power that you need to have is yours,
But like so many things, it must be claimed;
It’s in your choices, in and out of doors,
And in a flat refusal to be tamed,
Or to accept unfairly being blamed.
  So guard your conscience, and to it be true:
  So much the power that you need, is you.

The afterwards is easy to arrange;
It’s in the midst of battle things get hard.
But this you’ve seen, and so don’t find it strange
So many keep away when ways are barred,
But you won’t fall for that worn out canard:
  “She shouldn’t go there: it’s to much, too soon -”
  So much the power’s ignoring that old tune

A semblance of an image of a life
Is not enough for you, who’ve known the stars;
The winds will blow: of error, and of strife,
But you are more than clicks and avatars,
Or being trapped within, or behind, bars —
  Believe, then, in the dreams that you’ve held long,
  So much the power’s in starting,


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