Strikes me this world is united by loneliness

Longing for love and acceptance and touch;

Everywhere, barriers: back, side and front of us

Even though most of us don’t ask that much


So we reach out through the arm of the Internet

Hoping to make some connection that’s real —

Striving with words to rein in all our demons and

Hoping there’s someone who knows how we feel


Yet, though alike, we can be at cross purposes

Needing to take what we don’t have to give:

It seems this world is united by loneliness

Distant point near

We will die thus

And live

5 thoughts on “United

  1. Good poem. I think you captured the reaching out through the internet and the dubious contact it gives. How do you make that comment more real? Resisting the temptation to flip from one thing to another, perhaps, spending time to reading people’s work and leaving comments- a start?

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