Never Look for Fall —

Autumn, dressed as Summer, stormed into his house and ate his good intentions. Half-starving, he staggered off into the woods (where he thought cooler days might be waiting) only to find a painter who told him, “never look for Fall — just create it.”

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4 Thoughts to “Never Look for Fall —

      1. I read that (your comment) and thought, “Huh? How can he not understand his own writing?” But my second thoughts kicked in and reminded me that I don’t always understand my writing either and I don’t even write poetry πŸ˜‰

  1. “Words, words, words…”
    Covering feeling, obfuscating meaning, words can be empty, even as paintings can be, unless each is done from the heart and with great skill. And yet, each attempt is a step toward successful communication and, as such, is worth sharing .

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