Ghost Chain

The day she dressed up for the prom
The haunting was in full effect —
Her mom said she looked beautiful.
Her family did not suspect

    The presence of the ghost their daughter
    Now took with her everywhere:
    As he was chained, and tightly, to her heart.

She danced a long time with her date,
He didn’t see her distant eyes —
He said her really liked her dress.
It would have come as some surprise

    If he had seen the ghost his girlfriend
    Now took with her everywhere:
    A ghost that was chained tightly to her heart.

A kiss out on her parent’s porch,
A passion sent but not received —
He didn’t feel her reticence.
For by her words he was deceived –

    She couldn’t, didn’t want to, shake
    The ghost that she took everywhere,
    For in her mind, they’d never be apart —

    The phantom boy she truly loved,
    The ghost that she took everywhere,
    For he was chained, and tighly, to her heart.

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4 Thoughts to “Ghost Chain

      1. Oh just as often happens your poetry has caused some introspective thought on my part.
        You have a bad/good way of exposing the truth we would hide from ourselves if allowed to-i have ghost.

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