In Our Garden

I want — I’d like to think
That you were happy;
That you’ll look back on this
With fond regard

But I — I do not know.
You’ve passed beyond me —
And all those days we spent
Out in this yard

The jump cuts in a life –
It’s like a movie –
The now is here and all,
Then there and gone

And dreams, like planted flowers,
Grow neglected,
Not knowing that the gardener’s
Moved on

The rain has lately gone,
There is a buzzing,
For insects always love
The things I hate —

And I must go. Todays
Are meant for living,
And not to stand here arguing
With fate

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One thought to “In Our Garden”

  1. Unsettling-i often read a poem of yours and feel as though you knew me or were living a part of my life. My garden is neglected.
    “The now is here and all, then there and gone…”

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