A Momentary Glance

A momentary glance around the room –
A thoughtful type of order, though it’s odd:
A sense of cleanness meant, I can assume,
A different color scheme I can applaud –

Before returning to the task at hand:
Belaboring the instant in my thought –
Because you are not here, I see firsthand,
But struggle to retain the things I ought —

Cantankerous I know that I have been.
Caught unaware by timing, though, I see
Calamity within this tidy den;
Cassandras cannot stay catastrophe.

  Delivered news: the silence and the stare —
  Doubt never: grief can find you anywhere

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz | Dreamstime.com – Green blinds in modern room

One thought on “A Momentary Glance

  1. I can’t say I understand exactly what your latter words imply, but the room seems an attempt to gain back some control, at least of surroundings (though mostly, it screams out for a snuffly bloodhound and a box of chocolates).

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