There’s so much that we never hear
Or say, and so we guess —
That question you’re not asking me?
Of course, the answer’s yes

But ‘yes’ is, well, a real world thing:
It tends to up and go —
And leaves a negativity:
The ‘no’ that we all know

But in the secret shadows, we
May yet, at last confess
That thing that only whispers yield
The plaintiff, simple

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One thought to “Yes”

  1. I’ve read this poem aloud now, several times and it simply gets better (and more nostalgic/melancholy?) each time.It is beautifully crafted and so true to life. At one time i asked you not to post your poems as your read them out loud. Now increasingly i think I’m missing something. Do you like to read them aloud? You must hear them that way, as though you were speaking.?

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