Who I Am

People ask me who I am
Because I use a pseudonym;
A thing I’m usually loth to do
But you seem nice
So I’ll tell you…

I am the world’s worst chess player
I’ve never won a game;
And I once lost at racketball
To someone actually lame

I used to play some basketball
But I can’t jump or run:
And people always think that I
Look sort of like someone

I have a job with numbers as
A corporate exec:
And I strike people in real life
As a neurotic wreck

I can play the piano, and
People are usually floored
At how well I can play given
I am out of my gourd

I have a lovely wife who is
Far, far too good to me;
I know a lot of arcane words
Although I’m still druxy

I first read books when I was three
Read music: age of five –
Catch me after ten PM
I seem barely alive

I grew up down in Florida
With dune and surf and seabird:
I call myself a servant, and
I’m doubtlessly beleaguered

So now you know about me, you
Have heard me here confess:
And if you ever need a buck
Just come play me
At chess

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One thought to “Who I Am”

  1. What a challenging undertaking! But you’ve missed the great point; who you are is how we, your readers, see you. And you are ever so much more interesting than your self portrait proclaims although i like pianists (good ones) and brainy men with lovely wife’s. Still thank you for trying to share your “real” self. It is a loving and human thing to do. Only see it as we might and you’ll feel admiration not revulsion.
    Angel in the dust

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