Up and Gone?

And so, you have arrived. Look at you now.
You got the things you wanted, in the end —
But something isn’t right, you know. Somehow,
You thought there’d be a lover, or a friend,
To share in your success, to cheer you on:
But all the folks like that have up and gone.

It’s not your fault, my loving friend. I know
You blame yourself. But you are not to blame:
For life is full of randomness, and chance,
And shifting rules that switch around the game.
You have done well, and your heart should be glad;
And yet I find you lonely now, and sad —

But do not fear that you won’t find your way:
For lonely night gives way
To hopeful

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One thought to “Up and Gone?”

  1. I wish I could stay, stay away — your words are made of potent clay!

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