Sketches – 26

Hey, babe — whatcha watching?

One of my all-time favorite comedies. It is so funny.

What’s it called?

“Arsenic and Old Lace”. It’s a classic.

What’s the basic plot?

It’s about a family of insane murderers.

Oh, that sounds… wait, what?

They are like super-respectable and descended from people who came over on the Mayflower. Only they’re all like crazy killers.

When was this movie made? The 1970’s?

No, I think during World War II. Cary Grant is in it.

And it’s funny.

Oh, very. This is probably the 10th time I’ve seen it.

I think you maybe should have told me about your taste in movies before we got married.

I think you need to watch your step, mister.

Or what?

If you really want to find out, just don’t watch your step, see what happens.

I think it would be wise for me to watch my step. In fact, I’m going to go do that right now.

I’ll be in here, laughing.

I’ll be out there, worrying


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