A Thousand Lives Ago

A thousand lives ago, we met

Out past the town, the winds blow free,
And it was only you – just you, and me —

But wind is fickle, changing ever.
Joining hearts may one day sever;
All the pushing on the world’s most
Advantageous lever

Will not reset what’s left
And gone away
Or redirect the mind astray

A couple is a pair, but it
Is also what can join a pair –
And our decoupling was complete,
And very neat,
But yet a bit more bitter than
T’was bittersweet —

A thousand lives ago, we met
And I was ready —
Ready. Set —

But “Go” was never heard again.
Out past the edge of love, and men,
Where you left me
Abandoned to the wind

That ever blows your hair
Inside my mind
And blows my mind
And leaves me deaf, and dumb, and blind
To all
But my own

Which you could see

So plainly


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