Said The Best Man to the Groom…

She saw the cattle as they grazed,
Then wonder came, like lightning —
She’d marry you in just two days,
And right then, that seemed frightening.

The animals, they now roam free,
They are no more constricted —
But she’s about to give that up,
Each day, to be restricted

When all she’s ever wanted is
Herself, at liberty —
I know that she’s rethinking this –
I know because she told me

I’m sorry that she’ll break your heart;
That things won’t go to plan —
So do yourself a favor:
Let her go, and be a man

There isn’t anybody else
Of whom she is just fonder;
She is a restless spirit now,
Who needs some room
To wander

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3 Thoughts to “Said The Best Man to the Groom…

  1. 2 days before the wedding is maybe a bit unfortunate – couldn’t he/she/they have said something earlier?! Though better than being unhappily married I guess… (and for some reason I have the feeling that the best man loves her…)

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