The House

History in obscurity –
Loves and passions lived and died;
Dressed in respectable restoration,
The face of one who knows, but
Never tells —

They say, “If walls had eyes –”
Yes, and memory, and speech;
What could we know of what has been?
What mysteries could be made visible?

The house, that most ignored of confidantes,
Witness to all and accuser of none,
Sits by unremarked and unremarkable,
Waiting for only the right question
Or questioner

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One thought to “The House”

  1. Hmm.. I’ve never thought a house purposely sedate .. and waiting! I like it! Two assisted living houses I worked as nursing assistant in, looked very similar to your chosen graphic. And, as a matter of fact, I did indeed see little women all through the rooms and floors. 🙂

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