Keep Driving

You think you know a road, and then
You find you find you’ve gotten lost,
And don’t remember driving there, at all —

And I don’t know exactly when
And cannot count the cost;
The towns and turns I’ve missed, I can’t recall –

But there’s a type of madness comes
When one’s too long at driving:
And out-of-body thing, a type of trance —

But there is no more going back than
Yesterday’s tomorrow;
There’s no retreat. There’s only this advance.

Sometimes, when hearts are broken, they
Do not break down, but sideways;
And fast or slow, there’s nobody to pass —

The countryside is lonely where
It’s spare of habitation;
And soon, I will be running out of gas.

Horizon, that I always chase:
The knowledge that I’m seeking —
It’s out there somewhere, or, perhaps, in here –

But oh, do I get weary as
The miles turn to tombstones;
And promises to ignorance, and fear —

We argue, but we settle nothing;
Strive, but don’t achieve;
We wonder at the point of all the striving —

But love cannot be meaningless,
And death can’t be the answer —
So while I still have light
I will
Keep driving

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