Coffee / Love

Good morning, friend. I brought this just for you.
The days are long and need a loving start.
Though when you read this, we’ll be miles apart,
And coffee only last a bit, it’s true.

You often feel you haven’t done enough.
But let me say you have, at least, for me:
So be at peace, and let your worry free
To go off somewhere else to do it’s stuff.

Remember, Monday’s really just a name;
You do not hate the Moon, don’t hate it’s day.
Like rising out of bed, though, it can weigh
A seeming ton, so it attracts our blame.

But as you sip your coffee, know that I
Am thinking of you, even as you look
Out windows, at a screen, or at a book,
Whatever helps your mind to start to fly –

For fly it should – your mind was made to soar
And take you over oceans and green fields;
The time, I know, is brief such comfort yields,
Before you’re off to battle life once more.

But as you battle, know you treasured are
By one who feels you in his every thought,
Who’ll love you with whatever strength he’s got,
Wherever he may be,

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