Believe the Lack of Hype

The cool folks are way over there,
She’s likely not their type —
She doesn’t fit the preconceived:
Believe the lack of hype

She knows a lot of fancy words.
Her mind is everywhere;
She is considered rather strange,
By that crowd over there

But she is not concerned by that.
She isn’t one to snipe —
She’s all that she’s cracked down to be:
Believe the lack
Of hype

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5 Thoughts to “Believe the Lack of Hype

  1. This is one odd poem on hype but there is a logic written in it.
    You seems to always find something in SOMETHING with only few words or phrase.
    Your talent is immense!
    Love it!

    **Just noticed you’d changed your blog theme. Lovely. **

      1. LOL hahaha … You are not the only one. I did want to change mine too, but I have not the time yet. Will see later because today I am not at work.

        Wish you a lovely day, Owen!

  2. Ah, I know that girl. I mostly only see her in old people these days. She’s got the luckier freedom of a boy, though each boy is ultimately made to forget his stunning uniqueness. (This may not make sense when outside of my head, but either way, thank you for making me think.)

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