Sketches – 9

Please don’t joke with me today.
I’m not in the mood.

Where’s your head at right now?

I’m not happy –
I know I’m not —
It isn’t you, and
It isn’t “us”;

… although? …

… We’re not exactly perfect
Are we?


So, you tell me –
Why do you think I might not be happy?

Unsatisfied with your work product –
Problems with your mom and sister –
Tired of people telling you that
you should have kids –
Tired of fighting over money –
Tired of being tired —

That’s a reasonably perceptive list, actually.
Anything else?

Tired of feeling like
I’m all disappointed
You’re tired,
When you rely on me
To understand


I’m sorry.
I really don’t mean
To add to your troubles

And I don’t mean to disappoint you

I’m not disappointed,
I’m never disappointed with you

I’m calling B.S. on that

I wouldn’t use the word ‘disappointed’ —
A little frustrated, at times.
But I know I’m being selfish, so
I get over it

I like that you want to be with me, but
Sometimes I need you
To understand and be patient

I’ll try.
Patience has never been my best thing

Dealing with other people’s expectations
Has never been mine

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