Dating After Divorce

So back when I was first divorced
I was invited to
A friend’s house for some kind of thing
A party or a do

And I was talking to this girl
When much to my surprise
I looked to see her staring, staring
Straight into my eyes

It had been years since I had seen
Much eye contact I guess;
Her flirting quite unnerved me as
An unexpected stress

I guess I should say “pleasure” and
Not “stress” – the proper phrase –
For I remembered flirting
Once my mind snapped into phase

She told me I should call her, which
I did, although bizarre:
But I was nervous ev’ry time
She got into my car

I was out of my element
My heart was palpitating:
For skydiving or base jumping
Is easier
Than dating


4 thoughts on “Dating After Divorce

  1. I’ve been married 30 years! but can imagine a little of the fear of dating again. Hopefully, you will find a kind partner. Isn’t kindness more important as you get older? lily

    1. I have found a kind partner – the very kindest for the last 15 years. I had to go back a few years (17) for the last time I was “out of my element”… Thanks for taking time to comment.

      1. Good for you! I know about posting things in the past. Sort of odd at times. I’m glad to comment:)

  2. I actually gave my number to someone who asked for it for a potential date. Didn’t turn out to be much , but it was a total shock for me and normally I would have been too shocked to consider giving it.

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