The Angry Man

The Angry Man has most of everything.
But that is not enough, he still wants more:
For power is concupiscence with him.
Those many bodies splayed out on the floor

Are just so many stepped on, on his way;
“Be walked on, or be fed upon, your choice –”
A mill for grinding enemies to dust,
The screams behind the stage-augmented voice

Forgotten men are not The Angry Man,
But look to him, as though he’s meant to lead;
Like dust or dye that gets in everything,
The words of dirt that cover up the deed

The hangman hasn’t worked for many years,
But there’s no horror hidden in our past
That doesn’t sleep to wake another day –
That doesn’t hunger to leave off its fast —

The viewing screen distorts, the lights are fake,
The stage, or wrestling ring, it’s all the same —
The Angry Man has most of everything,
But if he gets turned loose,
Who’s now
To blame?

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