Lonely Rainy Night

Upon a lonely rainy night
Just past a door that you’ve walked by
There sits a heart-torn, troubled soul
You barely know at all

The face, though, you’d know very well
It is the grief you wouldn’t know
Beyond the door unknocked you pass
To reach some other site

The troubles hidden from your view
Would take some time to ferret out
Beyond the door unknocked you pass
A lonely rainy night

The face, though, you would know at once
Perhaps you’ll stop some other day
Or maybe send a text tonight
Or maybe next week, call

Or maybe never do a thing
Just go on, walk on in the night
The lovely, lonely, rainy night
Inured, now
To it all

this beautiful painting © Valery Rybakou at Dreamstime.com

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4 Thoughts to “Lonely Rainy Night

      1. I love that you love this painting,so i liked it because i love it tooooooo 🙂 its how i feel like i see the night time when im out alone walking my dog. And you know how when you take a photo and youre never happy with it, because it doesnt feel as though it gives justice to what you saw when you saw it? Well this painting certainly gives justice to what the painter saw, a million times better than any photo ever could have done with all the filters at the desposal. I really need to start painting more. Thank you for sharing.

  1. Sorry i was so captivated by the painting I forgot to mention how much i loved the poem. I think i see your meaning past the words. How people come in and out of our lives all the time. All with their own pains and troubles they keep locked away inside their minds in secret. And how we rarely notice that behind these closed doors lies the essense of that person. Where they feel the most raw of all the emotions. A lot more real than the masks we wear in public. Such beautiful words that so compliment the painting. They are paired perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

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