Upon another type of time,
He was indeed a hero born:
A shelter in the windy wastes
For travelers with garments torn;
For vagrants, pocketless, unshorn –
A hero for the age

But once, upon a windy night,
A failing strength upon him came:
And where, then, was a hero born
To give support to one half-lame;
To bring him hope amid the blame –
To bring calm to the rage

Another time, another place,
Another type, a gentle face;
And he who fell, stood up again
Against a shoulder and a touch
So soft, he never dreamed that such
Was strong enough for him

Upon another type of time,
She was indeed a hero made:
And he a hero, too, to her –
A sun some nights, some days a shade;
And two together, less afraid,
They laughed until the dawn —
The endless lover’s dawn

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