A Blanket

I bought my love a blanket
With money I had saved,
And walked it past the gate
Where their initials were engraved

For she lived with her family, on
The better side of town;
The stone cold woman at the door
Then looked me up and down

And placed my wrinkled package by
Some beautifully wrapped gifts
That formed a rise, a looming set
Of shining Christmas cliffs

She was not home, of course.
How could I think she would be there?
With so many admirers
Who came from everywhere

I headed out back down the drive,
And it began to snow;
I had a walk ahead of me
About four miles to go

And by the time I got back home
I was wet through and through –
I loved her, but ’twas not enough.
I’d done what I could do

I heard a noise outside, and then
A knocking on my door;
I opened it to find her, ‘neath
The blanket that she wore

So many years have gone since then
And I have come to see
That love can blanket anything


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2 Thoughts to “A Blanket

  1. This is a beautiful poem. There is such beauty in the truth and sentiment of it. Love the way you wrote it too.

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