A Sonnet on Cupidity

What is excess? I know it’s very bad —
Excess or defect, both, are common sins;
Too much of anything turns warped or mad
The man or woman who on such hope pins

Whatever they think life is, at its core.
A world of luxury and second-hand
Self-worth that comes from always wanting more;
And looking down on those who wealth has banned

From being in the presence of the ‘great’.
But much of life is random circumstance;
The choices that we make contain our fate,
Along, in no small measure, simple chance.

So never steal, and give what you can give:
Desire not to rule, but just to live

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3 Thoughts to “A Sonnet on Cupidity

    1. Where the disagreements come, of course, is what constitutes “too much”; and, unfortunately, substituting a life of envy for one of greed is no improvement.

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