Beyond the Woods and Fields

Who sees beyond the woods and fields
To who we were when we were young?
Who’s captured all the moments of
Two lives so varied and far-flung?

I hold you in the still of night,
I feel your heart beat strong and fast;
And if I could, I’d take this hour
And make it endless, make it last –

Who sees beyond the ice and snow
To years now covered up with time?
Who wipes the frosty glass at night,
The windows covered up with rime?

The distance and the depth of you,
The years of fancy, strange and free;
And I’ve been thought uxorious
By those not close enough to see

For who sees now beyond the days?
The print of time, in feeble font?
The view we share is ours alone:
Of who we are
And what
We want

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