That Dream

He had that dream again –
The one of heading out to sea
The storm off in the distance;
A no one among men –
His life has wandered, aimlessly
A plodding, flat existence

But in his dream, he soars –
Off westward, from the Isle of Skye
Among the clouds’ desires;
Full freedom he explores –
A thought is all it takes to fly
Wherever he aspires

He had that dream tonight –
The one where he is all success
And has all of his druthers;
But coming down from flight
He wakes up to the same old mess
And disregard
By others

= = = = =

Photo credit : © Stefanotermanini | – Neist Point Photo


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7 Thoughts to “That Dream

  1. Honestly, I’m at a loss as to how you write with such exquisite precision to hold the reader Everyday. I keep thinking I need to cut the list of blogs I read–but I come here, and I just feel captured.

    1. I am humbled by, and grateful for, your comments; I also very much appreciate the words you use to express yourself, both here and on your own blog.

      I came upon writing poetry via my troubles expressing myself in prose. I often love what I read from other bloggers. but struggle to express it. Your ability to explain what you like is inspiring to me. Thank you.

      1. Oh my–well thank you, I’m glad my comments are helpful in that way. Poetry forces me to be somewhat concise–my unfinished novel will probably never end, because I just keep talking….!

      1. And I am one of the benefactors of that obsession. Please do NOT seek help. (I know, I know it’s PC to tell you otherwise, but what would I read with my coffee?)

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