Inescapable | Love

Although I live
Some distance I
Grew up upon
These waters where
The creatures by
My feet who swam
Or flew above
Me in the air

Joined with me in
The growth of life
The process we
Cannot escape
The purblind hopes
The days of dream
And flight and cape

And now, my friend
Who flies nearby
Reminds me when
I walked and where
In doctrine in-
In love I did
Not know was there

In love I did
Not know was there
I, cushioned, flew
Among the birds
And picked up bread
Along the shore
And slept on grace
That knew no words

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5 Thoughts to “Inescapable | Love

  1. I like the rhythm and the flow of this poem, but as I read it, I couldn’t make sense of it. Felt very disjointed. Was that on purpose?

  2. You’ve captured something few of us can say well, yet somehow know the truth of.. but you said it very well.

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