Monday’s List

Some people think that Mondays suck;
I think that is their gist —
But Mondays can be useful if
You make yourself a list.

I made a list this morning, now
I’ll see how well I’ve done;
To feel that you’ve accomplished things
Is really rather fun —

“One. Be a buffoon today.”
(I had a premonition –)
Today I lost my car keys WHILE
They were in the ignition

“Two. Say something stupid.”
This, I kind of overshot:
The stupid things I said outnumbered
Those few that were not

“Three. Be sore and tired.”
This I managed very well:
I might have gotten better; I
Was too worn out to tell

“Four. Be vaguely baffled.”
This I do most everyday.
I’d like to be more certain, but
I’m just not made that way

I made my list up, one to four
And then each one demolished —
A foolish, stupid, tired twit,
But one who feels

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