Ask Kicking

Trick Questions

A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece — about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

What lasting good have you done in the world?

I’ve done no lasting good, it seems.

Why do you now have so few friends?

I still have friends, just in my dreams.

Why are you constantly afraid?

I wish I knew, I cannot say,
Except that I was made this way —

No good I’ve done,

Friendships in flux,

I live in fear,

This interview

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9 Thoughts to “Ask Kicking

      1. Well, I’m still going out of curiosity but I changed my mind since I have an opportunity for advancement where I am so….

  1. It’s funny how often I read your posts going “yes!” and “no!” all at once. I reach different conclusions, but do so laughing.

    (Also, I am in a rather unusual position right now; where normally I tolerate interviews, I have a couple of exciting ones coming up. I always wonder if this will be the one where I’m asked something truly new. Fingers crossed.)

    1. That sounds exciting… I hope it goes well.

      These days, I’m usually on the interviewer side of the table, and when I’ve asked unusual questions, I find it tends to upset people, who worry there’s some trick to it. Since I dislike upsetting people (once I know I’m doing it) I’m kind of sparing with the “original question” approach these days.

      Creative people love original questions. Most mathematicians / accountants / etc. — not so much.

      1. I’ve only conducted a couple of interviews, none especially recently, so your answer is illuminating. 🙂

        I started typing more about the interviews, but I found it quickly becoming a post of its own. I’ll try returning if I can find a succinct way of explaining them!

        I hope today’s kind to you.

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