Of all the things that I have learned,
One thing I have no doubt of;
That trouble’s easy to get in,
But real hard to get out of

The things we want – and want right now –
Are sometimes within reaching;
But we dismiss the warning voice
As uninvited preaching

I think on choices I made, while
Denying I was choosing,
And putting out at risk, some things
I couldn’t survive losing

My heavens, Owen, who are you
To take your life for granted?
Do you think that your teflon?
Do you live a life enchanted?

Or are you just like everyone
Amid all of life’s factions,
In that you have to pay the price
For all your unwise actions?

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One thought to “Observationalia”

  1. The opposite is true as well — we would be astounded to know how much we have blessed others’ lives.

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