Love and Loss

it’s two o’clock and i’m awake,
i’ve only slept two hours;
i guess i’ll try the daily prompt
and stretch my blogging powers

the patron saint of something
that’s the thought i must pursue;
some cause i would stand up for, or,
something i like to do –

in all i’ve written here, i see
one subject comes across:
i think, perhaps, i should be
patron saint of love and loss

the patron saint of all who know
just what it is to love,
only to find out in the end
it wasn’t near enough

for love’s a fleeting shadow that
escapes from our embrace;
that vanishes at evening time
and leaves without a trace

it would be better if i wrote
after enough I’d slept —
and best of almost anything
is to have loved and kept

instead of loved and lost, but then –
and you know this is true –
nobody wants to love and lose:
it is just what
we do

A True Saint

In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.

(Prompt from “The Daily Post“)


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2 Thoughts to “Love and Loss

  1. It is sometimes better to have loved and have a loss than to never have loved at all. We seldom realize that the pain we receive from those we lose are sometimes the best gifts granted us.

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