Sharp Things

(For those who might not know – the photo is of an old game called “Jacks”, and those things really hurt to step on in your bare feet. – Owen)

I know there’re sharp things in this world;
I have feet, knees and elbows
That seem to find them, each and every day —

Right now, I’m on painkillers for
A back that’s really messed up
From seizures, and from how damned much I weigh.

And so, to put this out of mind,
I write about my neighbors,
My blog-pals, relatives, and strangers, too —

I know there’re sharp things in this world,
For always, I will find them:
And I can guess
That it’s the same
For you

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2 Thoughts to “Sharp Things

  1. here’s an old dame
    who knows the old game
    called “Jacks”
    I was impaled once or twice
    and a huge “owie” ensued
    but it was the olden days
    and I mostly wore shoes

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