Sometimes, I Sink About Terrain

Beaches, mountains, forests,
They all sit there, in their pomp:
I want terrain to be like home
Give me a good old swamp

We had them down in Florida
In Cajun country, too:
And now I live in Georgia
Where there’s more than quite a few

Swamps are great for flies and gnats
They flourish in these parts;
They’re also good for mold and slime
This year’s crop’s off the charts

A sinkhole’s like a baby swamp
That’s not yet learned to eat;
We have a few those as well
To make this place complete

So keep your fancy beach,
Your forest, desert, mountain, hill —
We’ll keep our swamps down here, thank you
At least
I sink we will

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

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