Old Tiger

Years ago, my mom-in-law
Sought out her third divorce;
Her husband was a creepwad
So we thought the thing perforce –

The place she then was going
Could not would not take her cat:
A sixteen year old tabby
Grown a tad lazy and fat

Her soon-ex was vindictive
And he didn’t want the beast:
I feared he do the cat some harm
His anger’d not decreased

So we rescued Old Tiger
Took him to our place, instead;
He showed his warm appreciation
Drooling on our bed

Old Tiger lived for four more years
A loving, happy bloke;
He purred a lot and “kneaded dough”
And loved a pat or stroke

Hey, people part in anger
Filled with rancor or regrets:
That doesn’t mean we have to take it out
On our poor


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