Cut Off —

Today, I wake to find my life
  is more than I can deal with;
I’ve lost the apparatus that
  I used to use to feel with

A world of hatred everywhere:
  it never, never sleeps –
And promises die lonely,
  there’re so few that mankind keeps

And truth is lost within the crowd,
  or locked within a vault;
While folks buy into politics
  as though it were a cult

So why do we embrace
  the many failures of mankind?
Why don’t we see we’re headed
  towards a cliff, and we’re all blind?

Because, among the many of
  our myriad addictions;
Is the unceasing vanity
  of our erstwhile convictions

And so, we’re blown about like leaves
  who’ve left the sacred trees;
We’re cut off from our living source
  by our anxieties

Among our many enemies,
  who will not need a sword:
We’re classified,
    discarded, and

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