One more color

I’d wanted to add just one more color,
  but then, they took my painting away

I thought there was still time for art and love,
  but they said, no, it was time for my meds

Who hears me now, that I can’t scream? When
  even my prayers are monitored for content?

It needed umber or siena; a forest scene.
  We walked in the woods on our first date –
    You’ve never heard her story, so
      I need to tell it while I can —

I talk a lot with the air conditioners, here.
  Do you? They help my paintings dry.

I needed to add that one more color

I need you to know how beautiful she is

She was

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4 Thoughts to “One more color

  1. words with no ending, what a beautiful tapestry you painted for us, I look forward to getting to add that one more color…
    I enjoyed wandering a bit tonight…Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate the gesture
    I will wander within your thoughts again 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…

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