I Only Know

So this one day, I woke to find
Myself on some long road;
It was carefully paved and lined
And little traffic flowed

Then I drove onward, thinking I
Would soon know where I went:
But yet, no matter how I’d try
I was a malcontent

From knowing that I’d been asleep
When this road had been chosen:
And although flat and never steep
And smooth and never frozen —

Still I resented where I was
I’d not chosen this way:
So I slowed down to turn, because
In anger and dismay

I would this happy way foresake.
So I turned me around,
And found another road to take
And covered some new ground.

I’m happy now. Though, truth be told
It still looks much the same:
I only know that if it’s wrong
I’ve just myself
To blame

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2 Thoughts to “I Only Know

  1. The visualizations in this were well done. The sense of irony in being on a path ‘not chosen’ yet choosing to be on a path that looked identical except for the perception of having chosen it, is quite funny. Only drawback for me was it felt a bit choppy.

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