The Plight of Now

I wish that I could drive into the past,
And travel down the highways of my youth:
I’m seized here with despair about these times
That shun and slander beauty, goodness, truth —

I do not think that times were simpler then –
They were for me, but I was just a kid –
I think that people still held out a hope
That they could live in decency amid
A world that, even then, seemed going wrong.
But now so many have beclouded minds:
Real things have not the weight of made-up words,
The province of the many party lines.

Here’s what I think, although its hardly new:
It’s bad to harm, and better far to care;
That many, to belong, give up their souls;
What we prize most, seems vanity and air.

We dive into the darkness at a cost –
For laughter fades
The day we know
That we’re completely

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