A Few Thoughts About Blogging

Blogging Thoughts

Words I write within this bedroom
End up there, upon your screen;
So, my growing sphere of madness
Is by each of you now seen –

All of us, our whimsy flattered,
Write whatever we may please:
Me? I hope to be a sort of
Modern Aristophanes

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7 Thoughts to “A Few Thoughts About Blogging

    1. Thank you, Elle, you’re very kind.

      I know I write an unusual amount; apparently, that sometimes happens with epileptics, but I don’t know if it’s that or stress or what. I’m 53 years old and was kind of storing stuff up for years.

      That, and I just can’t write prose.

  1. You are amazing. Whatever the reason, I hope you never stop writing. With you, quality is not lost due to quantity.

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