His girlfriend likes to drink a beer,
Sometimes she’ll take a smoke;
She loves an outdoor cook-out,
Now-and-then, a dirty joke

She joins the conversation with
A flower in her hair;
And when she’s not around, we always
Ask why she’s not there

His girlfriend loves to party,
But, that’s fine (of course) because:
She is not hurting anyone –
Just doing
What she does

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One thought to “Girlfriend”

  1. Dear Owen Poetic Epilepsy,
    Is that a honey beer? It looks like the beer has a piece of honey wax(I think that is what the honey bars are called) in it.
    A fun little poem. If this is based on someone and they read it, what was their response? If you don’t mind me asking?
    Regards and Best,
    Sam Sutlive.

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