Bullies, Without Rhyme or Recognition

I read a lot about the many people who’ve been bullied
But rarely read of anyone who owns to having done it
Recalling times when I, to my uninterrupted shame
Was cruel for reasons, to this day, that I cannot account for

The meanness of a sibling that we write off just as joking
To people in our classes or our neighbors we tormented
And just as soon forgot as we continued on our journeys
We all know bullies when we see them
Just not when
We are them

5 thoughts on “Bullies, Without Rhyme or Recognition

  1. I know when I was one. And I still feel the shame, 45 years later. The only redeeming thing about it is that I learned my lesson, and, as far as I consciously recall, have never bullied anyone again. And I taught my boys to be kind, as well.

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