On My Daughter’s Wedding Day (1)

Sometimes I write about actual events and people I know; sometimes I write fiction. The poems in this series are about actual family events.

Darkened ChurchPart I

The truth of my stepdaughter’s life
Is one that’s hard to tell;
For while she lives on Earth
She’s spent a long, long time in hell

From first: a long-time boyfriend
Who became her fiancee;
Then died somewhere near Kandahar
One horrible March day

Her love, a valiant soldier
Gave his all in that war zone;
And left her as a widow
There disconsolate, alone

Till after years, she met someone
She carefully let in;
To soothe her grieving heart
And hoping once more to begin

When this boyfriend – and this is true –
Was roofing at a site
As that old roof collapsed and
He was killed at once, outright

I met her at the hospital
Where countless tears were shed
“Am I just a black widow?”
Was the only thing she said

“No, no, you’re not. You’re not.”
I told her. Wishing, helplessly
That I could lift this nightmare
And somehow could help her see

Beyond the darkened veil
She saw descending, everywhere
To lift her up and help her
With the grief
She had
To bear

(Part II)

(Part III)

(Part IV)

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