when time won’t help

when time won't help, forgetting hides her face among the reeds and brambles and the cold comes hard

Desolate My People Go

The world is dreariness today The whole dang town seems haunted: It’s very cold and gray outside And that’s just how I want it I like the feeling that I have That nature doesn’t care; Beneath the dull immensity That I’m just barely there The world is large and heartless, And is deaf to our … Continue reading "Desolate My People Go"

A Brief, One-Sided Discussion

“Come and kiss me in the storm: There’s many ways of staying warm Upon a night so full of ice –” She didn’t need to say it Twice

shadows and whispers

‘we don’t touch,’ she said, ‘that isn’t something we do.’   how many secrets the winter sees through windows, born of shadows and whispers