The Cliffs of Diogenes

What matters fame? The world is dumb and vain, And if you do not see, I can’t explain. For we live complicated lives, and steal, And lie to make ourselves look more ideal: It’s foolishness, a flapping in the wind. The rich make noise, but then die like the rest; It can be hard to … Continue reading "The Cliffs of Diogenes"


How this house sits empty, That was full of people; She is now like Someone bereaved She that was great In our community The princess of all palaces Is now good for nothing But taxes

A Bumper Crop

A bumper crop of hubris Mid acres of conceit, With honeyed drips of fresh revenge Upon the tongue so sweet Then winds blow through the midland; We wake to find, at dawn, The bumper crop we bragged upon, Just like the night, Is gone

nature falls

nature falls before construction — but nature’s still here


The summer sits in silence on the river In lightness, all our cares pour on the day; And life seems silly, empty, insubstantial We’re just a breath of wind Soon blown Away


ruins don’t mean failure — just time

Utility Futility

A woman walks into a bar Trying to be seen for who she are She might as well stayed in her car Been ignored at home, not have to drive so far — Then there’s the man whose words were said Trying to get her into bed Without that, he’s as good as dead ‘s … Continue reading "Utility Futility"