Necessary Getaway

She needs to get away;
She needs a place where she can rest,
And watch the sailboats there beside the sea.

To drink, to eat, to get a tan, to be —
And not have time so manifest.
Nor run around all day.

A life is made to live,
And we are made for more than work,
For dreams should be a celebrated thing —

A time to dance, a time to freely sing —
And go beyond the scorn and smirk,
And take, so she can give.

Una Bella Vita (1)

A place they both had always longed to see
In days when love was future plans gone mad;
She’s beautiful, and so is Italy —
Then tell me now: why is she so damn sad?

Is it because upon the plane ride here
Beside her sat a silent empty seat?
Does she now walk this dream devoid of cheer?
Or is there someone here she might soon meet?

Somebody who will help her on her way
Who needs her help and majesty, as well;
And was this photo taken just before?
For life is full of changes, I’ve heard tell…