This Sting We Feel

This sting we feel’s because we’re new,
We’ve never felt this way before;
The billions who have known of grief
Aren’t useful for this, any more
Than anyone who might not know

Because we’re lone, our sorrow’s lone.
We want to share, but don’t know how;
The burden shames us, weighs us down,
Fills up the endless present now
No matter where we go

And though we fly or walk or drive
Across the hills or valleys green,
Distractions vernal all around,
It’s only dolor that we’ve seen:
Our mortal lives around us show,
And ever so,

Hallways : Luxury Hotel

How did I ever end up here?
It’s like a sort of fantasy –
And yet, these halls are real,
And this is happening to me

But sill, life’s downs and ups
They are but little understood:
And when I wasn’t looking
Things turned

Hallways : Modern Art Subway

She’s walking through an empty hallway
Looking at the color all around;
On business there, the first of three days,
Glancing at the new sights to be found

Yet, Amsterdam – she’d always heard of,
Never thinking that she’d ever see;
She’s walking through an empty hallway

Travelogue Cabin

Alaskan Highway

The journey’s almost over

But the miles roll by at the same speed as ever

Whatever all I’ve seen

And wherever I’ve slept

My dwelling has remained the same

Perspectives can grow

Ideas can change

But they always stay within the same house

They started in

as ivy grows, so grows my heart…

beside the far green forest…

as ivy grows,
so grows my heart:
around the grounds
nobody stalks

as dead, deserted
empty shells
of autumn hopes
and summer walks

beside the far green forest where
the days of old were still newborn;
the scent of honey in the air
past city eyes that scoff and scorn

but only in the passing there
did i behold that distant fire
that speaks of rusted innocence
and wisps of smoke
that e’er go