Japan Journey #7 – Airport


I’ve lost my days and nights by now,
And when I’ll get them back
I cannot say. I guess we’ll see.
My brain’s gone off the track

To the degree it ever is
On any kind of rails;
And when I’m home, I guess I can
Attend to such details.

For now, I’ll sit here by the gate,
Or stagger round the room;
Japan has been a trip this year
I hope to be back

Japan Journey #5 – Chaos


the inability of our minds to make sense out of something
we call chaos
it is not to say that there is no order
but that we do not know what it is

chaos can have its own kind of beauty
if you can stand aside from it
but inside it
it tends to drive one towards insanity

we either make sense of things
or stopping making sense of anything

Japan Journey #1 – Shinjuku


This is where I was tonight
I was here with all of this
If I hadn’t shared the view
I felt I would be amiss

As the traffic and the lights
All around my senses swirled
And the taste, still faint, of meals
Out of this, or any, world

Fell onto my fading mind,
In parading glory passed:
I treasured new memories
That drove out the old
At last

as ivy grows, so grows my heart…

as ivy grows,
so grows my heart:
around the grounds
nobody stalks

as dead, deserted
empty shells
of autumn hopes
and summer walks

beside the far green forest where
the days of old were still newborn;
the scent of honey in the air
past city eyes that scoff and scorn

but only in the passing there
did i behold that distant fire
that speaks of rusted innocence
and wisps of smoke
that e’er go

8 Portraits, #4

My last few things I’m packing up,
A week I will be gone;
And still she will not look at me,
Her eyes, they linger on

Some unknown person far away.
I ask if she’s okay —
She mumbles something at me, but
Just what, I couldn’t say

I sit down on the bed by her,
And look into her eyes,
And say I’ll call her every night,
When much to my surprise

She suddenly holds on to me
For everything she’s worth;
As though we two were all there are,
The last people on earth

She isn’t angry, not at all,
She knows I have to go;
But I wish I could stay with her
And so I tell her so

And hours later, on a plane
Whose take off is past due,
I get a text from her that says

“Have fun sweetheart I love you”