(First published April, 2018) As still to hear, the speaking of a poem Like ravens in the desert, sadly singing The pages of a twice-forgotten novel Within a theatre, the same pics running And only for confusion is there worry In wobbling and jerking and in shaking. Feelings I've been having I'm not shaking: Just … Continue reading "Mother"

A Sestina on Destiny

Along the path that leads me to my fate: An open view upon a barren land, A sun that neither rises, sets, or cares, And, through a landscape full of ill regard, At points and scattered, something not quite seen -- Like anger once, now fossilized and set. I dare not look, and so my … Continue reading "A Sestina on Destiny"

This Happy

I wish you were this happy all the time. I know our days are coming to a close, For I am not for you. I’m not the one To bring to you this warmth, or sense of peace. So we can part now, better in past tense, Then ever in the present tense we were. … Continue reading "This Happy"

The Leading and the Lead

The dreams we have, wrapped up in paradox, So many things become so many toys; We make excuses, weak, habitual, Like radios we keep on for the noise. But this might be our leading quality, The mien that we maintain with so much poise. So keep your equanimity, your poise, The world goes mad in … Continue reading "The Leading and the Lead"