A Country Autumn – 1

Where is it you go
When nothing that you see makes sense?

Perhaps inside,
To introspect:
To pull the tangled threads apart
And see the pattern, patterns
Once intended

Perhaps to just get lost
In entertainment,
Sports, or

Or maybe to be transported by
The unexplainable power of music,
The heightened community of theater, or
The multidimensional architecture of movies

Or maybe even
The other world of some video game,
Or book

And I do all these things, as well —

But often,
I go to where there are few sounds,
My mind whirling with unspokens

Needing extraction from
The intersection of what
Has been felt,
And what
Cannot be said


The story is the moral, and

Have their own music

Art Class

Show the world what you’ve been feeling,
There are walls, but there’s no ceiling,
Hopes and fears with which your dealing,
Turn them into something more —

There is nothing small about you,
Show those who ignore or doubt you
All that is within, without you
Though you may be rich, or poor —

You are more than shows by seeing,
So by doing, show your being,
No more running, hiding, fleeing,
You’re no ornamental bird:

You’ve a voice that must

Be heard

She Danced Out On A Summer Day

The sky was blue, the clouds were few …

She danced out on a summer day
As though alone and unconcerned
With anybody else at all;
She moved for love of motion

The sky was blue, the clouds were few,
The sun looked on delighted:
The music moved her, every part,
Her body was ignited

And as she spun and whirled and turned
The earth was laughing tears of joy;
For it had little notion

That one like her, a child of earth,
Had kept so much of life, of birth;
Who knew the music of the spheres
It’s love-embracing potion:

And how the soul’s invited
To dance whenever dancing’s good,
And keep your boy- or your girl-hood